The Ever-Changing World of Google

Google is everywhere, when it comes to searching on the internet the odds are that you will use Google in one way or another.

From a standard organic search (dependant on Googles determination of your site), to paid search (How much you are willing to pay) and also other excellent offerings like Images, News, Newsgroups etc.

Well from a website owners point of view there was a bit of a rumble going on in the last few weeks as Google set about making some changes to the way that they indexed the web.

Some sites have gone up, some have gone down, have you checked how yours have fared?

It has been some while since this has happened on such a large scale and it will take some time for the dust to settle.

If your site has taken a hit because of these changes you may need to revisit your content to make sure that it is still compelling. As always \”content is king\” and any tricks that may have been performed on your site to get a good ranking may have just come unravelled.

Fortunately, if your site is well ranked because of the information, then you should be safe, well done!

If not then you may want to reconsider getting some assistance.

Till next time…