Telecom Drop Broadband Prices

Last night, Telecom reduced it\’s broadband rate by $10 a month. We were paying $69.95 for a 2mb plan with 10gb traffic limit. So this is great news! At last the advent of competition is returning some reward.

Telecom is in the news all over the place about it\’s monopoly of the Telecoms arena in New Zealand. For those of you who dont know, Telecom owns the lines that we all make our calls across.

Everyone else then has to pay Telecom for the right to use them. A couple of providers have invested millions trying to create an alternative, but they have not been completely successful, either in coverage or service.

The NZ government is starting to rattle it\’s sabres about how uncompetitve it is. Maybe this has caused Telecoms pricing move.

Lets hope there is more to come.

Till Next Time