This is the best map system on the planet!

I had the oddest thing happen last week, I had a real CV turn up from the UK. Not an emailed one that ususally end up in my in tray, but a real, hard copy, made of tree live CV.

In this day and age, it really appealed to me, made me remember this person. (Not that we were hiring anyway)

We have agreed to meet when he is in New Zealand, but what has really stood out is that he found something cool on the New Zealand internet scene that I didnt know about.

I hope to think I keep up to date with things around here, but I missed this one and boy is it a goodie….

Zoomin Maps is a new startup in New Zealand and looks lieks it onto a winner. Like Google Maps it can give you the precise location of properties, but unlike Google Maps this does it in New Zealand.

Using web friendly links you can get to any address you like, here is one to the offices of the people running this site…

Now this UK resident found this site and sent me the way to my own house!

Thats putting your hand up and getting noticed…Well Done.

Till Next Time