Google Analytics – Webmaster Tool of the Year

How can Google afford to give away a tool previously worth heaps to buy? Because they are worth Billions and this is a great way to get inside the sites they have been indexing.

\"GoogleI am lucky enough to have signed up before it all fell over and they stopped new signups. Yay!

And after a few hiccups, things are now working on the profiles I had set up and it looks GREAT. Previously I had used the free version of Hitbox until they started charging $50 USD per month to use it. It was great because it would give information that was useful in uncovering your visitors behaviours.

Well Google Analytics has superceded what I had with Hitbox, and it looks like it will be a staple utility to add to all of my customer sites.

Well done Google for providing another service that actually improves my life as a webmaster.

Till next time