iPhone the way of the future?

Some people will be trembling in their boots now that Apple have released the iPhone. While none of their competitors will be saying publicly, this is one announcement that is sure to cuase some serious ripples.

\"iPhone\"Is it the killer product that some have been waiting for? Quite possibly. Mobile phone handset makers such as Nokia, Ericcson, Samsung and others now have to make a choice: do they wait and see or make a move now.

Microsoft was late with the Zune and they have a hopeless task of making up the market share. Will they wait just as long with their own version of the iPhone or learn from their mistakes and get going on a new product.

I can see Microsoft joining with a handset maker to build a phone capable Zune in a short space of time.

People will buy an iPhone, just because of what it is, so they have a headstart already.

\"iPhone\"Will you? In NZ they will retail for about $800-$900, quite pricey for a handset here, but if you are willing to pay $600 for an iPod the extra money wont be a problem.

Well done Apple, looks like a winner.