Blogs, What are they good for…

Depends really,

Blogs are a great tool for getting stuff out of people heads.

The information that is now out in the world is infinitely many more times than previously and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Even my column here has its readers, people who read our written thoughts of the internet world around us. People who find some value in others information and ideas.

Not all blogs are suited to all people, writing style and content attract different people, but what is indisputable, is that the blog has become a medium for the writer in all of us.

WordPress, B2 and others all vie for the bloggers pen. Google has jumped on the bandwagon in both providing a blogging platform (Blogger), but also providing their own blog and allowing some of their employees to create a buzz around them from their insiders view of the Googleplex (Matt Cutts is famous for his blog )

We advocate blogs to our clients as an effective way to communicate with their customer base. Some are using it in interesting ways ( as a CMS system, others just as a way of telling stories.

Either way, blogs are here to stay and will evolve into an internet commodity.

Till Next time