Advertising or Infrastructure?

What do you spend your money on?

Advertising – get more customers by spending the most money in NZ (over $70 million per year) to generate profits of over $800 million a year or,

Infrastructure – make customers happy by spending money on the guts of the system.

It seems as though Telecom are only interested in profits (Maybe as they can see them running dry soon) as a number of suburban exchanges in Auckland have filled up.

Why wait till you run out of space and have to start turning customers away before increasing capacity? Why even let people know that you have run out? Doesnt look too good.

I know the broadband landscape is uncertain, but to dissappoint customers leading up to the point where people can make real choices on the broadband provider, seems suicidal.

It\’s not as though they have run out of money 🙂

Till Next Time