Adsense Challenges, 1k, 10k, 30k

Adsense has seemed to be money for jam for some people. Even to the point where people embark on a \”Challenge\” to try and produce an ongoing revenue stream.

Some go for $100 a day, some for $30000 a month, some depend on a large number of sites all generating adsense revenue.

How do they do? Are people able to put everything into an adsense campaign and get the results?

So here are my findings and links to the people themselves:

Jason Bates   US$48.24 per day  which equates to $1,350 a month, not bad
$100 Challenge   Different sites all joined the challenge, you can see their results
$30000 / mth network of sites – very interesting thread on the issues and progress

It is quite difficult to find seemingly reliable credible accounts of peoples earnings (possibly because they are not supposed to) as most of the sites found are Get Rich Quick schemes for Ebooks and programs to make you money.

As one of the posters in the Webproworld thread stated,  most of these people who are selling their \”secret\” have discovered they can make more money selling  their \”secret\” than implementing it themselves.

As for me, I dont make a huge amount from Adsense, however, it is a good experimentation on visitor behaviours.

What are your experiences, have you tried a get rich quick Adsense program? (Am I just encouraging spammers to let loose?)