EMI strikes a deal with YouTube

\"emi.gif\"It means all four of the world\’s major music firms are now YouTube partners. The terms of the agreement should eventually allow users to incorporate recordings by EMI artists into their own projects.

The deal follows a string of lawsuits by companies who accuse YouTube of allowing its users to pirate their copyrighted works.

The biggest threat comes from entertainment giant Viacom Media which is suing YouTube for $1bn (£505m).

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For what I can see is that major players in the digital playground are seeing that the Youtubes and Bebo\’s of this world are not going to go away, so instead of fighting them, the are beginning to understand that harnessing that marketing power will be worth far more than the possible short term losses in sales.

The sooner Viacom see this as well and drop their lawsuit the better it will be for the community

I see plenty of clips that use backing music to enhance the clip and so many of the clips have comments asking \”what music is playing in the background?\” Surely that is a positive way to get your stable of artists to as wider audience as possible.

So will they come on board, do you use music in your clips?