Article Marketing – does it work? Yes it does

Article Marketing seems to have been around for while now and while there are a huge number of article directories, there seems to be a very large number of Articles that dont really seem to stack up.

Why is that – because they work

I am not advocating writing rubbish to generate traffic for your site, but to consider it does actually work.

\"goarticles.gif\"I have written a few articles and I submit mine to, a syndication site where you can submit your article for republishing elsewhere.

You don\’t get any money for them (there are other site out there for that), but you get the right to put a small a paragraph about yourself on the bottom of your articles. The key thing is, that everyone who publishes your article must also print the bio at the bottom. This bio can include your contact details and web address. Some sites disable the address as a link, but the fact is that people like to know more.

On goarticles, we have had a mixed lot when it comes to the articles on, my first one was very popular and can be found on a number of sites on the net (see here for a Google search for the \”Make your web site Super-Sticky\” article)

The next two didn\’t do so well, with only 100 odd downloads form goarticles as opposed to 500 for the Super Sticky article, it was obviously not as popular.

So I tried again, based on a conversation about deciding on a web designer. by writing an article called \”Choosing a Web Designer the Easy Way\” (Google results)

Again it wasn\’t so popular on Goarticles as the first one, but on the 9th of February 2007, I started getting emails from the US, England, Ireland, Malaysia. I wondered what had happened and asked one of the people enquiring where they had found out about me and they had mentioned a newsletter from a search engine company Entireweb. After having a look, I found this, which is their monthly newsletter they send out to 566000 people each month.

Now, the results were :

  • Huge increase in traffic (10x normal visitor numbers)
  • Only for 2-3 days
  • Huge increase in enquiries (more than 10x as these people were semi qualified)
  • Ongoing discussions with those people for work

So it was huge. I will say that you can pay to advertise in the same newsletter, but the fact that it was the central article and that whether consciously or unconsciously, the reader has a sense of endorsement in the information included.

So has Article Marketing worked – absolutely.

The holy grail of having an article included in a major distribution is rare but something worth working toward.

And after all it cost me the time taken to write and submit it and no more. Priceless