$40000 per week by Spamming – Go Black Frog

\"blue-frog-spam.png\"The Spam King made up to $40000 per week spamming net users. Is it no wonder why the scurge that is spam still lives and is expanding by the day.

With other reports that 4% of US net users respond to spam and now the cash benefits for the spammers shows waht a huge task it is to fight spam.

Do we charge each user for each email they send? 1 cent, 5 cents (It is 45c for a snail mail letter here)

Even at 1c per email, It would cost me around 30 cents a day or $10 per month.

I expect that people are willing to put up with spam if that is what it will cost.

What other methods are there? \”Trusted Networks\” , Higher cost levels of internet access. I think the best thing is the one that the spammers are most afraid, and in recent history they have shown that level of fear by closing down the system called Blue Frog and is discussed here

The actions of the spammers show me that theythink it had a real shot of causing them problems. If itscares them, we should make an effort to implement it.

Black Frog is talking about a distributed array of machines to carry out the task since the DOS attacks on the Blue Frog servers caused it to fail.

Go Black Frog!