New Zealand is the second most hacked country

New Zealand is the second most hacked country per head of population across US, UK, Russia and the Asia Pacific countries, a new report says.

The TippingPoint Cyberhack report said there have been 5849 successful hacks in 2008 so far against websites with .nz addresses, or one for every 730 people.

This puts the country just behind the UK, with one hack per 683 people, and ahead of Australia, which had 871 people per hack.

New Zealand\’s poor showing may come from its small, relatively tech-savvy population. The total number of hacks in the country was much lower than larger countries like the UK, Australia, and China.

The country\’s government websites ( fared a bit better, recording 17 hacks, well down the list.

The report does not cover New Zealand-based websites with .com, .org, or other international addresses.