Beware the Chinese Domain Name Scams

Well, I have received a second email from Tony in China, warning I have 2 days to register my Chinese domains before they are taken by some other Company

Upon doing some research here, here and here I have confirmed my initial belief that these are just emails to scare business owners into registering domains they have no need to.

To me the most concerning thing was the talk of \”Internet Brand\” as above domains and across all jurisdictions.

Seems a load of rubbish to me, due to the fact that jurisdiction on the internet is no simple thing.

So let me introduce Tony…

Email 1

Dear CEO,

We are CNBC Information Technology Co.,Ltd, which is the domain name registration organization in China, which mainly deal with international company\’s in china. We have something important need to confirm with your company.

On the July 08, 2008, we received an application formally. One company named \” daxin Investment (China) Co., Ltd\” applied for the Internet brand keywords \”deepweb\” and the Domain names \”\” \”\” etc. . which involve internet intellectual property right of your company.

These days we are dealing with it. In order to deal with this issue better, Please contact me by telephone or email as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

CNBC Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Hmmm, this looks a bit dodgy, so as a test I replied….

Hi there,

We own and do not have any interest in other domains.



Steven Gardner
Deepweb Web Design

Well today I got the reply, Doesnt acknowledge my reply and carries on as if I had ignored his warning.

Hi, I am tony form CNBC Information Technology Co.,Ltd. We had discussed the case about your company’s domain name and internet brand.You have never registered these domain names and internet brand, and I had told you that the domain name registration is open-door. The dispute period will come soon. If your company do not register these domain names and internet brand, we will finish aforesaid company (Daxin Investment(China) Co.,Ltd )’s registration within 2 workdays.Daxin company will become the legal owner of these domain names in the world.

We had notified you, so we are not responsible for any dispute question about intellectual property right and trade mark after they succeed in registration.

If you have any questions, pls contact us within 2 workdays.

Best Regards,

CNBC Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Well Tony, I am quite happy with my domain name thanks, and a big thanks for thinking about me and my intellectual property.

So if you get an email of something in the post about domain names, always be careful, they are often scams to get you to either transfer your name to them or to register similar but not the same domain name as you already have.

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