VDSL2 – Is it going to be as good as they say?

Telecom have announced their next generation broadband network will allow download speeds of up to 50mbps and upload of 20mbps.

Now if this is true, it is going to make my life and many people who rely on the internet as a medium for large amounts of data.

It also addresses one of my beliefs that telecommuting and being able to work from any location without the impedance of slow internet access is a necessity.

Sharing data between co workers and clients is necessary in the days or larger and larger chunks of data (see the size of unedited digital camera images)

But how good will it really be?

My current maximum download speed is around 4-5mbps, which is faster than a number of people I know.

50 will be frightening!

But since many of my sites are hosted in the US, how will the Southern Cross Cable handle all of this extra data.

Will I get anywhere near 50mbps for anything other than locally derived content?

Will ISP\’s need more aggressive caching to allow these speeds?

Or is this just \”Telecomspeak\” for what in ideal circumstances and with your tongue in the right direction is possible.

Well the first rollout starts 2nd quarter 2009

I might have it by Christmas, the cabinet is just across the road, Yay