The web2.0 of Web2.0

We got it wrong, so lets get our users to help

That might be what the suits at Facebook had to say when there was the huge backlash relating to their terms and conditions release a week ago.

For those who haven\’t heard, there were huge online protests to the terms that made content posted onto Facebook the property of Facebook.

Now Facebook are asking for help from their community

The \”Facebook Principles\” lay out the start up company\’s philosophy on privacy and control of information, while the \”Statement of Rights and Responsibilities\” are operating guidelines based on its big-picture stance.

Any Facebook member can access these proposals on the site and opine on them over the next few days. The networking site will incorporate people\’s reviews when firming up governance policies. Future policy changes will follow the same democratic model, the company said. (Read more here)

Web 2.0 was supposed to be the interactive internet af=ge where content was driven by the user. So why not ask them for their views on governance and policies of the sites they use.

Most large companies use focus groups to do customer testing, but this is possibly the largest case of inviting a user comminty to shape more than just content.