Mashups, Integration and Cooperation

\"facebook-logo.jpg\"In this more sharing and caring world of Web2.0, the idea of sharing information between platforms has become one of the key issues for sites such as Facebook to deal with.

Facebook is a great site (must be great, even my Mum thought it was a great idea!) and over the last few days I have made a couple of changes to integrate Facebook with Twitter.

I am a Twitter newbie, and got my first Follower today (Thanks Rich Henry from Get Frank)

But the connection between Twitter and Facebook isn\’t as easy as it might appear.

I added a program to Facebook to connect my Facebook to my Twitter account, but it only goes one way, you can Twitter and the tweets appear as items on your Facebook profile, but there wasn\’t an obvious way to get your staus updates from Facebook to appear in Twitter.

In similar fashion, I have been able to get my blog posts to appear as items in my Facebook profile, that is a really neat aspect, but again there didn\’t seem to be a Blog -> Twitter option.

\"twitterfeed_logo\"Today I found out about Twitterfeed, this is a system where you can take the RSS feed of your site and feed it into Twitter (The proof will be when I post this)

Again a great idea to join these two different systems.

But the killer app would be one that does all of these (plus other social sites as well)

If you make one, all credit goers to me for thinking it up first, kay 🙂

What other cool mashups do you know of?