Why can\’t Microsoft get it right? IE8 is out and already I have found problems

While these are not software problems (mainly because my attempts to downloaded were thwarted) these show a serious lack of foresight on the behalf of the behemoth.

Problem 1 – If you run Firefox, you can download it

I went to the download site, chose my country and operating system and waited for the download window to show. Well I am still waiting. If I click the link they tell me to if the download doesn\’t work, it takes me back to the start again.

Now, if I was trying to increase my market share, I would allow people using my competitors browsers to download it.

Problem 2 – If you are in New Zealand, don\’t expect Microsoft to tell you about it

Clicking on my country link on the download page I get taken to this that announces how much Microsoft have heard you and are now \”introducing\” Internet Explorer 7

So why isn\’t the page updated?

Microsoft are not really interested are they?

I will have to install it so I can test my clients sites in it and do browser checks when building sites, but this is just terrible customer service and PR from Microsoft.

Let me know your thoughts on it, is it any better than IE7 (Which is pretty terrible)