Hacker \”Akill\” contracted to Telstraclear

Owen Thor Walker, a 19 year old, who was wanted by the FBI for his part in leading the group the A-Team has been employed by Telstraclear for nearly a year to provide information for seminars.

Telstraclear made an interesting comment when they said:

He said it was not the equivalent of hiring a bank robber to advise on bank security.

Of course it is, however, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Hackers have been used for years to test and break into systems, giving large networks the kind of testing they would not necessarily find elsewhere.

These legitimate hackers can be a very good resource for corporates, it takes some strong leadership to bring in someone whose past is a little questionable and let them loose on the security side of things.

There have been many security breaches in New Zealand, we even have our own Hackers Conference : Kiwicon where there were sessions on such subjects as

  • Walking Through Walls Ninja Style – The Art of Non-Destructive Entry
  • Black SEO Exposed
  • Tracking NZ Based Malware Distributors
  • Mobile Phone Network Security

Security is a serious business and corporates like Telstraclear must be able to use the resourses available to it to make it\’s products and services as secure as possible.

But do we trust them?