Google Profiles – Another Great idea or breach of Privacy?

Google is expanding the Google Account to become profiles.

Logging into the Knol section of Google (a kind of knowledgebase) allows you to create your profile.

Here are a couple of links to instructions on how.

Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand

Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Round Table

(Update : 23 Apr – Be aware that the Profiles are having a few problems at the moment)

One of the recent changes is that these profiles can be returned in search queries, so it may make sense to get one.

However, something that has already been highlighted, is that verification of your profile requires you to either provide Credit Card details or via a cell phone.

Now I have provided my credit card details to Google for Adwords, so that isn\’t a problem, and I have given my phone number to them to verify my Business Listing, so it doesn\’t really worry me.

However, there will be others who will want this facility and not have to give over these details.

Is this too much to give? Will they want a sample of my DNA next?

Are you happy to provide this detail so you can get your own profile into the search results?