Muse – The Resistance out on the 14th September

For something a little different, my current fave Muse have a new album coming out on the 14th of September, what is interesting from a internet / technology point of view is the changing face of promotion of music.

With all of the wailing from the record companies about piracy and copyright infringement, the ways they are promoting upcoming releases is interesting.

As a Muse fan, I have been waiting for the new album. I have scoured Youtube for any footage and there has been some on there, especially the song Uprising. However, as each one is uploaded it is quickly reported for copyright violation and taken down.

So the record companies are actively trying to minimise any exposure of their products before they are ready.

The fact there are so many desperates (Like me!) looking for this, means there is a big market for this kind of pre release information.

So, we are only a few days out, and I read an article on Stuff today that has a Flash player with a preview sample of the songs from the album.

I have embedded the player here, not sure how long the link will work, possibly till the release date.

What it does show is a willingness to embrace the internet as a marketing medium and using it\’s power of connectedness to improve the spread of the message.

What do you think of the recording industry (and the movie industry) using the Web and Social Media to market their upcoming products?