Igrin Email Scam

Local NZ ISP Igrin is the latest to be targetted for a phishing scam.

This one is quite crude as even the links look nothing like Igrin links

This message is from the webmail IT service, you are to provide to us the below information to re-validate your account due to spam.

What was the problem?

On November 27th, our servers were subjected to a malicious attack, which affected certain components of the operating system on some of our servers. Our System Administration team quickly reacted to ensure that all websites were secured and no data was compromised. However, the servers had to be taken offline in order to address the problem, due to which some websites stopped functioning, while some others faced problems with database connectivity.

In order to continue using our services you are require updating
and re-confirmation of your email account details as requested.
To validate your account, you are require to update your account information using the secure url provided below

http://www.pacnet-servers.co.cc/igrin/login [dot] php [dot] htm

Failure to do this will immediately render your account deactivated
from our database and service will not be interrupted as important
messages may as well be lost due to your declining to re-confirmed
to us your account details.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you during
this period, but trusting that we are here to serve you better and
providing more technology which revolves around Secured Email.

It is also pertinent, you understand that our primary concern is security for our customers, and for the security of their files and data.

IT Support Team

Don\’t fall for this one. Igrin has a generic \”We don\’t ask for your login and password\” message on it\’s home page, I wonder if they have sent anythign out? I wonder what their policy on protecting their clients is?

If there is anyone from Igrin out there, can you let us know?