DHL, UPS Virus Email, What Next NZPost?

Many times there are things that show the US Centricness (Is that a word?) of the internet:

  • .com readily meaning US site
  • US date formats in online forms
  • USD as the default currency

Well another example is the idea that every country must use UPS and DHL for their parcels.

Why else would all of the post / courier etc virus emails sent all around the world have these two as the only options to use.

The phishers seem to have a better idea…use a local provider to have a better chance of success. (Even these guys get it wrong: Note to Spammers – I dont have any Commonwealth Bank of Australia accounts)

What is wrong with NZPost? I suspect that in any case like this, an email from a local bank / services company / postal service etc would be more troublesome to the local population.

So, look out for suspicious emails from local suppliers, and as should be usual practice, here are a few standard tips to protect you from email nasties:

  • Any email asking for any form of login / password should be treated suspiciously
  • Any email warning of a security breach should be treated suspiciously
  • Don\’t click on any links in emails that you are unsure of, instead go to the website manually
  • Don\’t open any attachment that is unexpected, this especially includes zip files
  • Keep your virus software up to date and make sure email scanning is turned on!

Let me know of any other tips or other virus laden emails you have had to send to your trash bin.