Tis the Season to be Spammed – IRD Tax Scam

This is probably done all around the world, but even us in NZ get our own tax scam.

Sent supposedly from inlandrevenue@newzealand.govt.nz (The wrong address, the source says it comes from dukecmimpo01.coxmail.com) their real emails are ending in ird.govt.nz.

Tax Refund Form
Get Tax Refund on your Debit Card
*Please enter your name and a valid Debit Card where you want the refund to be made.
Please enter the following information here.

It then asks for Name address etc

But it then goes onto your Debit Card info. Now with Debit and Credit Cards being very similar in operation, giving up your debit card details is just as dangerous.

But since it is called a Debit Card, people may be less likely to think it is a scam.

While giving up your account number for direct crediting is relatively safe, any request for card details should be viewed suspiciously.

They even get a bit cheeky to cover their tracks

Note: For security reasons, we recommend that you close your browser after you have finished the refund process.