Business Listing Scam – EU Business Register

Beware of a directory listing scam that is being emailed out to people offering a business listing with Free Updates!

What is hidden though is that by signing and sending back the form, you lock yourself in for a three year listing at EU995 per year.

But they do let you update your details for free.

Transcript is here:

Subject: EU Business Register 2011/2012
Dear Madam/Sir,

In order to have your company inserted in the EU Business Register for 2011/2012, please print, complete and submit the enclosed form to the following address:

BOX 252 – 28020 Madrid

Fax: +34 91 791 9167

Updating is free of charge!


These kind of scams are pretty common, I get ones faxed to me a few times a year. Similar ones for overpriced domain names are common as well.

You know your business and will know the kinds of places that are worthwhile advertising. If anything comes across your desk or into your inbox that offers advertising, check it thoroughly before committing, this one had the price in the fine print in the attached PDF, not in the email itself. IT\’s terms and conditions were even further hidden on a website not linked to in the PDF.