Accommodation Scam Email from \”Cowell Travel & Tours\”

Another accommodation scam email, this time done a little better.

Rather than the all capitals, poor grammar and spelling of previous emails, this one reads better and so is harder to spot.

However, the key ingredients are the same

  • Doesn\’t match the products on offer (Asking for 7 people, when only 6 available)
  • Insists on credit card as only payment method
  • Urgency
  • Not an enquiry, but a straight booking

Here is the copy of the email


I am Mr. Simon Cowell, I am writing from the Cowell Travel & Tours, Liverpool England, we have group of 7 people coming to spend their vacation in your country for 10 days. With due respect, we will like you to provide accommodation and breakfast for 7 of them for the whole period of their stay.

Let me know your room’s types and cost per night so that reservation will be made on time.

Our Arrival Date is 20th September 2011; Our Departure date is 30th September 2011.

Number of People: 7. all adult.

Kindly Confirm if you will have availability during these dates so as to proceed with the booking.

I will be appreciating your urgent response, I hope you accept credit card as means of payment, because I will be making the payment with my credit card only.


Mr. Simon Cowell
Cowell Travel & Tours
Adlib House, Fleming Road,
Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 9LS

Tel: (+44) 703 182 0750