Those SEO Emails you get

SEO, both an important part of running a website and also a magnet for unscrupulous individuals and businesses trying to make a fast buck.

We get lots of calls from clients who have received emails from people claiming to be SEO experts. These emails state that the clients website is riddled with errors and that they can help correct these problems and improve search rankings

Here is a copy of one such email I received


My name is Anil kumar, and I am Online Marketing Manager at a leading Digital marketing company/SEO and Web Designing Company.

I was analyzing your site and it seems that some of your website rankings have dropped. It is due to non optimized techniques/errors

And Google guidelines not being followed properly. As you know that Google’s crawler is software and work on coding basis only.

That’s why site coding portion should be strong for better results.

I would like to present a detailed analysis of your website along with errors that your website and ways to improve your Google rankings.

It would be a detailed report and would be explained as well on phone once we send this over to you.

Please let me know if we can discuss this.

Anil kumar
Online Marketing Manager

Now, improving your rankings is important. It is something that you should be looking at. However, these emails are problematic for a number of reasons

  1. Despite stating they have analyzed the website, I expect that in 99% of cases this is not true.
  2. These are untargeted spam emails.
  3. Their skill level is unknown, with no website for reference and only using a gmail address for email.
  4. In some cases the lack of skill in writing emails in English may cause concern if your website is in English.

All in all, you are better to talk with your current web designer about SEO and how they can help you. They know your website, know what has been done in the past and are in the best position to either help you out or give advice on how you could get exert help for this.

Don\’t fall prey to the SEO scammers