Wordcamp 2017 Auckland #wcakl2017

It\’s been a while since I have attended a conference as an attendee rather than a sponsor.

It had been well overdue.

I decided at the start of the year that we needed to get out an involved in these sort of things, learn more, network with developers and others in the wider industry.

Wordcamp was the first of these and it was a great experience.

Wonderfully organised, everyone was looked after and apart from Bill Bennett\’s tech destroying session on writing content, went off prettyy much wiothout a hitch

Re: #wcakl2017 \”Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence.\” That was the lights & the projector. Thankfull we didn\’t get to three times…

— Bill Bennett (@billbennettnz) March 12, 2017

There were some awesome speakers on board, ranging from HTTP2, REST API\’s and speed to content, support and Impostor Syndrome!

I got some great learnings from the weekend, not just specifics from each talk but widening the scope of what is possible.

Getting out of the trenches and taking the time to learn and absorb new things has been a wonderful thing

Maybe it\’s time for a WP Meetup in the North…

Photo credit Chaitanya https://chait.photo.blog/2017/03/12/wordpressers-wordcamp-auckland-2017/