When Your ISP Won\’t Do Email

I\’m looking at you Vodafone!

Vodafone has announced that it is shutting down its consumer email services and advising users to set up accounts on free services such as gmail or Hotmail. It is promising to forward messages sent to their Vodafone email addresses to customers’ new email addresses without any time limit and regardless of whether or not they remain a Vodafone customer.

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\"\"So what can you do when an ISP like Vodafone decides to opt out of proving email?

One option is to go to a free service like Outlook.com or Gmail. That\’s all well and good if it is personal email, but business email is a little different

Having email with your domain name is a much better idea from a branding perspective and also from a continuity perspective.

It then doesn\’t matter what your internet provider decides to do, it is an independent service you can continue to use.

If you already have a website, talk to your provider about whether you can add email to that service. All of our hosting offerings have the option of email and a number of clients have contacted us about moving their Vodafone mail to our servers.

So whether it is because you are thinking of moving internet providers, or they pull the rug out from under you, choosing independent hosting of your email can be a way to prevent unwanted upheaval.