WordPress Meetups in Northland

\"\"With WordPress powering approximately a third of the worlds websites, it touches a lot of peoples lives including developers, designers, business owners and end users.

We have seen the New Zealand WordPress community when we have attended WordCamps, the large unconferences that happen each year in NZ to discuss all thibgs WordPress (and some no WordPress specific topics)

The closest local community (Meetup) to Kerikeri was in Auckland and try as we might, it was too difficult to get to one of these events.

After support and encouragement from the organisers of the Auckland event, we decided to start one in the North.

WordPress Meetups are open events, open to all who are interested in WordPress: people who code for it, people who design for it and people who use it daily to run their business.

We had an initial get together earlier this month and have been wonderfully supported by Judy at BizSpace (https://www.bizspace.nz/) who is providing us the venue.

Next month is all about Security, and we will talk about the best way to secure your website and some of the plugins you can use to achieve this, we\’ll also talk about other security aspects like passwords to help protect your site.

If you are interested in coming along, we have a Meetup Group here: https://www.meetup.com/Northland-WordPress-Meetup/ Sign up and you will get notifications about when the next Meetup will be.

It will be great to see you there.