Spiderbyte Newsletter Jan 2020

Welcome to 2020

Well 2020 is here and we are looking forward to a bumper year, we hope you are also feeling excited about the year ahead.

We have had Alex working with us over the school holidays and he is showing great skills on the websites and other projects he has helped us with.

In this issue, we will be talking about:

  • Special on Domain Names
  • Our SEO courses for the year and how you can get them at the old price!
  • A New hosting plan to drive your website
  • Invoice Payments via Credit Card
  • New Clients and redesigns

Domain Name Special

We are starting to see the newer .nz version of domains names popping up around the internet. It has taken a while, but as we suspected when the domains were first released, eventually most people will move to the .nz version of the domain names.

We advise people to take both the .co.nz and .nz versions of domains if they are available. This way you protect your brand from someone else registering the alternative.

To kick off the year, we are going to offer registrations of new domains at special price of $25 incl gst (saves you around $20) till the end of February. Renewals will remain at our normal price of $39.95+gst.

Contact us if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

2020\’s SEO Workshops

We are locking in the dates now for our SEO workshops this year.

These workshops are great as we have a small group come in and we go over basic SEO techniques, but the best thing is that you get to work on your site during the session.

So you get some real outcomes by the time you leave the workshop.

The dates we have set are as follows:

  • Wednesday, February 19th
  • Wednesday, April 15th
  • Thursday, Jun 18th
  • Tuesday, August 18th
  • Thursday, October 15th

The cost for this years workshops will be $160+gst, but for those who register and pay before the end of January, we are offering the old price of $99+gst

New Hosting Plan

Based on feedback and some ideas of our own we have a new option for hosting your site

Premium Partnership Hosting

This new hosting plan is designed for those organisations who want to work closely with us on their website to continuously get the most out of it. We get people asking for a more proactive relationship with us, where we are working alongside clients to drive their website and it\’s effectiveness.

This hosting package is priced at $119/month + gst and provides for an hours worth of work on the website plus reporting and suggested improvements. Additional hours beyond the hosting agreement can be either factored into the monthly fee or dealt with separately.

Invoice Payments via Credit/Debit Card

\"\"Credit and Debit Card payments are now possible on our invoices. When you receive your invoices you will see a green Pay Now button on the top of your online invoice.

This uses the payment system Stripe to process a card payment online.

Once paid using this method your invoice is automatically marked as paid.

Fresh Works

Some of the sites we have worked on over the last couple of months

Fishing Trips – a new visual redesign
Stay Kerikeri – Boutique Accommodation in Kerikeri with their new striking design
Ngawha Park – A new innovation and enterprise park with a website to provide progress information on the project
Far North Rentals – A redesign to bring a more modern feel and more obvious ways of booking your rental car.