Pay per Click – Part 2

Alot has happened since the last post here. However a couple of my new clients have embarked on the Google Adwords road and the initial response is interesting and a little disappointing.

As a bit of history, one of my clients was happily paying $20 per day @ 9 cents per click to send loads of visitors his way. Since the changes to adwords, his visits has slowed incredibly, with his old setup only costing him $7 for the whole month, but bringing him many fewer visitors.

Seeintg this I have been a little more cautious in promoting Adwords.

With these new customers, they are interested in generating visitors while their new website finds itself in the Organic listings (unpaid, sorted by relevance). Adwords gives them this, but now seemingly at a much greater cost.

I\’ll give you some figures in the next installment