Adwords has morphed across industries

Adwords has been the source of great analysis since changing a couple of months ago. Not only have the clicks dried up, but the cost of getting them back and going is getting quite prohibitive to some of our smaller customers.

But it seems to matter more now based on the competitive nature of the industry you are competing in.

Before the changes, you could use up a small budget by choosing keywords that were not being chosen by others and even in very competitive markets, you may only have to increase your CPC by a small amount. One example is a site in the Tourism industry. Previously getting 10-15 clicks for their money, they have now had to pay their whole budget for a single click.

It is now not a numbers game, but a money game. (Especially if you are unfortunate to be in a competitve online market such as Tourism, Marketing or Web Design)

If you are lucky to be in an emerging industry, Adwordswise you can still get great bang for your buck.

We are still trying to get better effective Adwords for our customers as they can still bring in a good supply of qualified leads.

Site targeting is a new method for Adwords, this will get a quick review in the near future.

Till next time