Cheap Broadband? I\’m hoping but not holding my breath

Telecom has been dealt a blow in it\’s attempts to keep Telstraclear out of the Broadband game with a ruling handed down by the Telecommunications Commission. They have indicated that Telecom must provide internet access at the fastest rate possible, nearly quadrupling the current fastest rate.

The NZ Herald has even run a story boldly stating that it will mean cheaper broadband by Christmas, but I am sure there is a lot of work to be done before that is a reality.

By the end of October the ruling will be determined and binding, we are waiting on submissions for or against to be presented.

While this ruling effectively only applies to Teltstraclear, other ISP\’s will feel they have a stronger case to get a better deal from Telecom.

Will we see the benefits? Christmas may be a little too soon.

Till next time