What we are \”really\” searching for – and its quite interesting, if a bit censored

Google\’s new Hot Trends will provide internet users with an insight into an interesting if somewhat filtered list of what people are searching for.

The filtering comes in as Google are not including search results for various things including pornography, the weather, popular websites like MySpace.com and some celebrities.

Now we can look at this in two ways

  1. You dont get a true reflection on what people are really searching on due to the missing elements (of which would make up most of the top 100)
  2. It gives a real insight into what is being searched for just under the popular phrases.

I think it is a good thing, as you can find the full searches using things like Wordtracker and other similar products. This however, gives up some interesting things and since the lists are refreshed at least daily, it gives a slice of life style view on the habits and intentions of the average internet user. (Well average meaning: not visiting Bebo, Myspace, Adult Sites or looking for Britney Spears)

From todays list (May 22 2007), here are a few interesting searches

  • dragon skin armor
  • michael moore sicko
  • paula abdul broken nose
  • flexor muscle
  • cubemeister rubik
  • what part of a graduate’s costume gave the cordon bleu cooking school its name
  • what did the body of water balboa named el mar de sur or “the south sea ” come to be called

It is said some of the more specific queries can be related to College exams that they see spikes due to the students cramming for them.

So an interesting list, something i\’ll come back to.

Till Next Time