Deepweb Spiderbyte Newsletter May 2007

Message from The WebMasters

We are nearly halfway through the year and things are looking pretty exciting at Deepweb and the wider internet community.

We will be making an announcement next month about a new e-commerce package that will provide a lower cost alternative than a full on Shopping Cart system. While not as pwerful and flexible a solution, some people may find it suits their needs and budget better. We will provide an overview next month

In addition Deepweb has been asked to present a couple of workshops in Northland relating to Internet and the Arts. We are working with Biznorth to provide two great sessions for Northland Artists

Have a fantastic month.

Power to the People…Powered By Imagination!!!!!

Steven, Joanne and the Team

Moments Thoughts…

\”The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.\”
Vince Lombardi

What’s HOT

This is the link to the web 2.0 Beyond E-text: worth a look – great music, cool way of presenting it. – a new social networking site that focuses on sharing photos, music and movies

Hot Tips

Have a look at our articles section to find articles written by Deepweb and others relating to Internet and Offline Marketing

Business Tools

Firefox – The rival to Internet Explorer and in our opinion a much better browser all around. With the ability to add extra functions, this makes Firefox so much cooler than IE. The other thing is it is much faster too.Download it for free and see what it does for you. Have a look at the cool addons that make it so much better

Deal of the MONTH…

Photoshop Elements – A great tool for editing photos and creating your own graphics. We use the full version of Photoshop and this version has a lot of the same functions but at a much cheaper price. This is the software we recommend to people who are upodating their own sites, but is still an excellent product for Image Manipulation such as red eye removal, cropping resizing and saving optimised versions for the internet.

Till the End of May, You can get Elements for $200 incl GST

Fun Stuff

Alexadex – a website share trading game where you can buy and sell shares to websites and try to make as much money as possible. You can even buy shares in!

Other Interesting Websites

Youtube – Weird and wonderful short clips on almost any topic you can think of….

Stuff – Steven’s daily dose of News…all the current New Zealand and World Events.

Trademe – A fantastic online Auction…if you haven’t already checked this site out….YOU MUST….it is so cool.

Recent Additions and Changes to Our Clients Websites

The Natural Pet Treat Company – Added Gallery function to the Website

Kreole Trading Company – Our First Australian client that provides pet products to buyers in Australia

Dargaville Primary School – Redesigned the schools website and trained the staff on how to update and manage it

Midnorth Motor Inn – Accommodation and dining at the Mid North Motor Inn

Austol – News site focusing on news in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Asia and the Pacific

CDBOX – Funky CD\’s including New Years Resolutions