4% of Americans are buying from SPAM emails

Wow, thats big. 4% might not sound like a lot, but for the cost of sending out a spam campaign, 4% represents a concrete return on their unethical activities.

While we no longer get the porn emails that were so prevalent a few years ago, the enhancement products and stock price announcements are still rife.

How can we stop it?

Stop bloody buying the crap thats advertised!

Until the reward for running these campaigns are removed, the spam will only increase. Alternatively, if technology improves to a point where the benefits of email (multiple recipients) are retained while the achilles heel (multiple recipients) is managed then we won\’t see the spam.

One thing that seems to be lessening the fight is the spam filters. I use a product called K9 (you can go to the site here) that is a free spam filtering tool. It works as most Bayesian filtering software does, but applying rules and then learning by its mistakes that you correct.

It currently has a success rate of over 96% and I havent had a real email treated like spam for many months. I recommend it as a really effective way of dealing with the spam you do get.

However, with these  filters getting so good, we dont get annoyed at it so much and so it is not as much of an issue as it was. Unfortunately, the amount of spam that iscarried over the internet is threatening to cause some problems with it\’s capacity.

What are your experiences with filtering software? Do you have better success rates than K9?

Have you bought something from Spam and defend the right for them to market to everyone like that?

What are your thoughts