Stealing visitors from your competitors

Hands up, who has put a competitors brand or competing product in their keywords to attract people looking for it?

There should be a large number of people all around the world holding their hands up.

Unethical, Illegal?

Yes, and No?

In New Zealand, this has come to light in a recent report of Richmastery being found out to have put other financial analysts and consultants names and brands in their Google Adwords campaign to come up when people search for those consultants.

Financial advisors rely on a degree of trust and they all have their own style and methods for getting the best results for their clients.

They are arguing that they dont want to be associated with Richmastery or any of their methods.

Google has stated that they will address any copyright infringements but have not had any complaints yet. I think these guys need to exercise this avenue to get rid of the conflicting ads.

Now they have brought the issue to light they need to act to deal with the issue.

This practice is rife in the search market, are you being affected in the same way?