2008 the Year for Broadband?

And I mean real Broadband too.

There are many stories in the NZ news relating to uptake in broadband, a year on from the Telecoms Amendment Act and other Broadband related stories.

My concern is that Telecoms stated ambition for a minimum 10mb/s connection will not move us forward enough. I am not sure if the realise that the world is moving forward too.

New Zealand has the benefit of being small in that it can be more nimble and flexible in deployment of infrastructure.

However, as seen in The Advocate today, even some basic telecommunications are not being delivered. Businesses not able to provide EFTPOS, email and Internet access down as well.

How can we provide world class telecommunications when the most basic cant be delivered.

Telecom say tey are working on it. I hope for the residents and Whangarei Heads, that it happens quickly.

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