Jade : Another New Zealand tech success

Jade Software Corporation Limited, the Christchurch based software developer has been special for quite some time.

It has now announced a successful implementation of a server based architecture to replace a mainframe one. This is significant if large capital costs related to mainframe architecture can be reduced by using more easily available and obviously cheaper server systems (in this case running Windows).

An except from the site…

Jade Software Corporation has over 25-years of experience in software research, development and product support. Established in 1978, the company was built on the success of the software product LINC, created by Jade\’s Founder, Sir Gil Simpson.

Distributed by Unisys Corporation, LINC was adopted by more than 4000 organizations worldwide, generating billions of dollars in revenue.

In 1987 the company launched an outsourcing and services venture, which built and managed LINC systems for hundreds of corporate clients.

Jade Software Corporation then combined its research and development capability with real-world experience to create a new enterprise application development environment — JADE. Launched in 1996, the JADE technology is used by over 2000 organizations worldwide.

It is good to see NZ ideas and concepts making waves on the world stage.

Well done Jade

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