Are you Blacked Out?

On the 28th of February, anyone who is accused (not proven) of repeatedly downloading copyrighted material can have their internet access terminated.

It is part of a revision of the Copyright Act Section 92a.

In protest, the Creative Freedom Foundation is organising a virtual protest and is asking people to change their avatars and other profile images to all black, so to promote what a censored internet might look like.

But what does the act mean?

Can I look at things on Youtube?

How do I know I have downloaded something that is copyrighted?

How do I know how many time I have infringed?

Are there any sites that are exempt?

While there are some obvious places that carry pirated and illegal software, music and movies, my concern are with other less obvious places.

Back to Youtube… in amongst all of the amateur and obviously licensed and official clips, there is a large grey area of those that may or may not be an issue.

These could be remixes and mash ups of songs, things that have taken something and made something else (Like the Lego songs)

Youtube has a policy of it\’s own for the notification and taking down of content that infringes copyright. Why isn\’t this enough?

So many questions and no real answers coming from the Government except to say they will review if it necessary.

Will the 28th be D-Day for the internet in NZ?

Will you Black Out?