Matt Cutts on Basic SEO

Here is a great video that goes over some basic questions about SEO.

Matt Cutts on You Tube – How to get better visibility on Google

Once of the key things that Matt talks about is the 3 main meta tags. He goes to great lengths to talk about the benefits of the Title and Description tags, but says \”Don\’t worry that much about the keywords tag\”

To what level \”Don\’t worry\” means is not known, but taken together with the fact that a badly written keywords tag can have a detrimental effect on your site, it can be like a poisoned chalice.

I have not been adding Keywords tags to my sites due to this fact and client results have not been adversely affected.

I often get comments from people that they are no Keywords in the meta tags, so this video is a great place for people to do some research.

What do you think? Have tyou been penalised for bad keyword tags?