How much value to bloggers add to the Web?

Blogging is rife, every one is doing it, I advise my clients to do it, you should do it (if you are, well done)

But the majority of us bloggers do not have any formal training. some blogs I read are written very badly, but the content saves them.

So what value to do blogs and bloggers add to the whole web thing?

Well, heaps in my opinion.

It is that non trained point of view that actually adds some grit and personableness (is that a word) to online news.

Whether it be personal diaries, commentary or humour, the style and tone of lots of blogs really work. To me the best blogs are those where the author responds to the comments placed by readers, giving the blog a real voice.

It is also a great way for news to be propagated extremely quickly and effectively.

By using existing information and content, people can add opinions or extra information to the item to increase it\’s visibility and round out the conversation.

Go bloggers go…