Google hit the target with DoubleClick\’s DART

When Google bought DoubleClick last year, there were plenty of concerns from privacy advocates about what this would mean.

Well this new initiative seems to be the logical conclusion.

Google is now using DoubleClick cookies to track users browsing habits and serve up ads relating to that browsing history.

From a web developers point of view, I have just received notification from Google of the changes and have been given a date of the 9th of April to get my clients websites amended to cater for this change.

Now programs change and policies change, but to require these kind of changes in a short period of time is very poor.

Also, the opt out system means that it goes against all of the best practice methods relating to direct marketing.

In addition there is not option for publishers to opt out, only for the visitors of sites to opt out.

Google is treading very closely to the \”Do no evil\” motto as they are doing pretty much everything wrong here.

I can\’t understand why they would be so heavy handed in favour of Doubleclick/revenue/controversy

It seems like they are forcing it through in such a small amount of time so as to minimise the criticism they will get.

It will be interesting to see what the fallout from this will be.