Another Chinese Domain Name Scam – this time using

Well, I received a new chinese domain name scam this week.

Unlike the previous one I blogged about here, this one is much more primitive.

Here is the email I received


The domain name www.HEARTART.CN  is available for purchase.
Since you own this name in another extension, we thought
this name would be of interest to you.

I think,We could finish the transaction through a
international Domain trade agency

Through SEDO(, you could make your offer at

The price is $850


My mail:

So in essence, we are tlaking about doamins that have been registred with a .cn extension (China) and marketed to people hoping they will take up the price.

Checking the site, the price offered is USD1700, not $850, another ploy to think you are getting a good deal.

This is another scam to be aware of, just delete it and walk away!