SEO for Ecommerce Sites

SEO has been around for ages in it\’s alway evolving mish mash of jargon, link building and algoriths. While the tactics and techniques are the same for all sites, ecommerce sites seem to seen as too big and complex to do well.

Relying on the shopping cart software to do your SEO for you has until recently been a hopeless task. Now shopping cart sites have become more SEO savvy and allow for more complex computations of keywords, descriptions etc.

This is video from Webpronews that talks about Conversion Optimisation.

Conversion Optimisation is not about increasing the people visiting your website, but increasing the purchases of those who do visit.

In the video, they talk about conversion rates of just 0.5% (Thats only 1 in 200 visitors purchasing something)

Whenever I am workiing with a client or running an SEO / Internet Marketing seminar, I talk about the importance of converting visitors to purchasers.

Obviously, no visotrs, means no sales, but once the you have a steady flow of visotrs, focussing on conversions can make more sense.

Have a look at the video, there are some great things to think about.

Let me know your stories about your e-commerce package, does it work well, how good at search engine opimisation is it? Do you focus on conversions or getting more visitors.

I\’ll talk a bit more about split testing in a later post.