I think I have found the Word of 2009

Twitter has been talked about plenty in the last few days. With Ashton Kutcher and CNN going at it to reach the 1 million followers mark (of which Ashton got there first) Twitter has been getting plenty of airtime.

Here is a post from the great site Mashable, with the Youtube videos of Ashton\’s interview with Oprah

So I think I have found the word of 2009 – Democratisation


the action of making something democratic

Social media is being talked in places as the democratisation of the internet, where everyday people have the same kind of opportunity to get their message out to the world via great apps like Twitter, Youtube, Digg etc

It is a great platform for people to get information out. Twitter for more immediate, bite size chunks of news, Blogs for more in-depth reporting and discussion.

Another contender for word of the year is Twam, or Twitter Spam, I got my first one yesterday, an system email from twitter about someone who has started gollowing me, once I had a look at their profile, all it was there for was to sell a domain name for $8000.

Abuse of these things is inevitable, a shame really, but that\’s human nature.

So, do you have any \”Words for 2009\”

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