Can you do link building with Twitter?

I am relatively new to Twitter and some of the marketing concepts I have heard of don\’t seem to make sense.

Then you hear of companies using Twitter heavily to build brand awareness and engage with their customer base.

When it comes to link building, I think it may be a combination of the above ideas.

While adding links to Twitter is a great idea, due to the URL shortening that goes on, plus the fact you only have 140 characters anyway, means that you need to be smart in the way you go about it.

I think there is possibly more traction with link awareness. Using Twitter as a viarl marketing tool to share links to content that support your business.

It could be something you have recently released, adding volume and velocity of the visitors.

Alternatively, it could be links to reviews or discussions of a product, service or concept; driving people and engaging them in the discussion.

You could even consider Twitter to be \”PR on speed\”

Volume of visitors and engagement of people in a concept or product will generate links, it will also generate other forms of content supporting it too.

I just don\’t think Twitter is built for link building in the form we currently use.

What results have you had from Twitter?