Google\’s search algorithm changing to combat spammers

As reported in Webpronews, Google look to be set to change their algorithm to combat a new wave of spammers using black hat seo techniques to elevate their pages to the top of the rankings.

One of the major differences seems to be the more dangerous destinations these spammy links are pointing to.

Rather than just ad supported, content scraped sites, people are now being redirected to scareware, malware or virus ridden sites.

With this more aggressive and harmful aspect to the spam links, the stakes have been raised. People will now be driven away from Google if it can\’t rectify the situation quickly enough.

However, is this really big news? Google is always reacting to new trends in the search space, from link buying, link farms and other black hat seo techniques.

Possibly the threat to Google is more than before. It would take some serious issues to make me stop using Google, but I have read comments that are showing people are already starting to chnage their searching habits.

I personally havent found any of these links, possibly because of the pre-filtering that Google does on a geographic basis, NZ searchers are being protected to some measure, and so it may be a mainly US / Europe phenonemon.

Have you found any of these links?

What would make you change search providers?