Time for the Government to take a bold lead

We are in uncertain times, but taking a bold lead in the upgrading of the countries Broadband infrastructure would be the right move.

With the Government already pledging 1.5bn to help trigger private investment in the nations fibre network, they obviously see the potential and necessity in upgrading our current creaking offering.

Vodafone seem to be seeing things similarly, whereas Telecom and Telstraclear have differing views, possible clouded due to their existing investment in infrastructure.

I believe that the country would benefit from a \”lead from the front\” mentality. Asking others to come to the party is all and good, but by expecting private enterprise to provide more infrastructure spending then the Government is will to provide puts the whole project on the wrong footing.

It seems like it is the Government supporting private investment, rather than the other way around.

Given the Governments concern about the economy, things need to be looked at very carefully, but the level of investment is large and John Key needs to show that he means business.

New Zealand can benefit more, relatively, than other countries, due to our distance from other countries.

After doing a speed test at a clients house, we found that New Zealands average connection speed was under 5mbps, where as South Korea was top with over 17mbps (and that is an average)

Ignoring home users for now, business will benefit from the speed that information can be transmitted. Efficiencies can be harnessed by collaborating online, telecommunting can become a reality.

Add in the benefits that home users will find and the folw on effects for advertisers and ecommerce and this shows the benefits this upgrade will provide us.

I hope that there are decisions made quickly so the benefits are felt soon.

Even though my town isnt eligible, NZ needs the speed.