District 9 – Peter Jacksons upcoming Scifi Film

\"district_nine_xlg\"One of the best pre release implementations is Peter Jackson\’s District 9.

Not necessarily the best marketed, as I only found a link to it when reading about something else, but once I had started to look at the things they had done on the web, it really makes me want to watch the movie when it releases in August.

I watched the trailer and while interesting, it wasn\’t compelling.

However, the supporting website seem really cool, from the \”real\” looking company website, to the information portal for either humans or non-humans (with translations of course)

They even have a amateur looking Maths quiz to see if you have the right potential (I got 6 out of 10, which wasn\’t good enough)

I also had a laugh at the blog written by one of the aliens.

It really got me looking and peaked my interest into the movie.

Whether this is the idea of Peter himself or one of his creative advisors, I have to give it a big thumbs up.

Do you know of any other movie tie ins that are really well done? I am not talking about flashy promos for the film, but something more subtle and clever like D9?